How to create your own stickers equipment

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The type of equipment needed to create stickers depends on the type of sticker. If you only plan on making one type of sticker, then all the different equipment may not be needed.

However, if you are making a range of stickers and plan on making large quantities, the different presses and machines can help with sticker production. Sticker making equipment is available in small models for at-home sticker creation or in large models for large-scale sticker or label making.

Design your stickers freehand and then scan the image into a computer or make your sticker design using sticker software. Sticker software will contain layouts, themes and text that can be used to create stickers. While sticker software is not necessary to make your own stickers, it can make the process much easier.

Print off standard stickers using a digital printing press or your home laser printer. Digital printing presses are used for high throughput or when you are creating large quantities of stickers. This type of printing press loads the image file and will print the design on label or sticker paper.

Create metallic or foil stickers using a foil stamp press. By using a metallic film, heat or pressure and a stamping die, it is possible to create a raised or embossed metallic effect. There are cold and hot foil stamping presses available. This type of press is not required to make stickers, but if you want to offer a wider range, create some exceptional and unique foil stickers with the aid of a foil stamp press.

Create raised stickers using a thermography printing press. This is also known as embossing. The printing press will sprinkle powder over wet ink and bake the powder. The result is a raised letter effect.

Use the die cutting press to cut out your stickers. These presses can create all different sizes. Some machines even have the ability to connect to your computer to create custom shapes. This is much easier and less time consuming than cutting your stickers by hand with an X-ACTO knife. A die cutting press is a good choice for those who plan on making large quantities of stickers. There are many different types of presses, ranging from very simple models to those that have many features and options.