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How to Find My School Grades

Updated February 21, 2017

Schools typically assign grades for completed coursework. Grades are a tool used to evaluate your mastery of a subject or class. Normally, you will receive a report card at the end of every semester or quarter that lists your grades for completed coursework. Alternatively, you can find your grades using your school's online system or by requesting a transcript from your school.

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  1. Check your report card. Schools typically issue report cards that list your grades for the term every semester or quarter.

  2. Log onto your school's online grading system. Check with your school's administrative office if you don't have access to the online grading system. The administrative office will provide you with the website address and log in information for your school's online grading system. You can generally view grades for the current and previous terms.

  3. Contact the registrar's office at your school and request a copy of your transcript. Your transcript will list the grades earned for all coursework completed up to the date of the transcript request.

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