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How to write bachelor of arts degree after your name

A Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree is a common undergraduate degree offered by many colleges and universities. Traditionally the B.A. is awarded for academic majors in the humanities such as literature while a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) is awarded for academic majors in the sciences. However some schools may include a major under both designations or place a traditionally B.S. major under a B.A. designation; both are bachelor's degrees. If awarded a B.A. or B.S. you may choose to put these initials after your name.

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  1. Write your name. If you desire include your middle name or middle initial. You can also include Mr., Mrs., or Miss in front of your name as well as Jr., Sr., or if you have a parent's name the generation of that name you are (such as John A. Smith the Third written as Mr. John A. Smith III).

  2. Insert a comma after your name and place the initials "B.A." behind the comma. If you have a Bachelor of Science put "B.S." instead.

  3. Inspect the final signature to ensure accuracy. An example of a name with a degree after it looks like this: John A. Smith, B.A.

  4. Tip

    Generally the highest degree earned is placed after a signature. For example if you have a Masters of Science you would put M.S. instead of the B.S. If you have a doctorate the Ph.D. designation is put instead of M.A. or B.A. On resumes or curriculum vitae all educational experience is listed starting with associate's degree followed by bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctorate degree. Note that for APA (American Psychological Association) formatting placing initials after the "B" and "A" is not required.


    It can be considered fraudulent to claim to have a degree that you don't have or didn't receive from an accredited institution.

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