How to Remove the Front Headlight Lens of a Fiat Multipla

headlight image by Carbonbrain from

If the headlight lens on your Fiat Multipla stops working, it can prevent you from having clear visibility when taking your vehicle out on the road. Legally you are not allowed to drive your vehicle without having fully functioning headlights.

If any of the lenses on your headlights become damaged or stop working correctly, you should replace them before next taking your vehicle out on the road.

Open up the bonnet of your Multipla. Find the halogen bulb socket at the back of the lens housing. Turn and pull the socket toward you to remove the bulb.

Use a wrench to remove the bolts which fix the lens housing in place. Remove the bolts which fix the headlight to the casing and pull the headlight away from the casing.

Place the new halogen headlight lens into the headlight casing. Take care not to touch the halogen bulb with your hands as the oil from your hands can break the bulb. Fix the bulb in place by reattaching the bolts.

Reconnect the lens housing to the headlight compartment by attaching the two mounting bolts which hold it in place.

Slide the socket back into the back of the headlight casing. Turn the socket in a clockwise direction to fix it in place.