How to make a homemade wedding silk floral cake topper

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A cake topper is the crowning ornament that can help bring the design of the cake together or stand alone as the main decoration. Wedding cakes are typically elegant, tiered designs that can be beautifully decorated with floral accents.

If you are making your own wedding cake, or simply want to save some money by making your own wedding cake topper, a silk floral cake topper is a simple and inexpensive craft that will allow your to express your creativity and customise the piece to coordinate with your wedding theme and colours.

Select the silk flowers you want to use to create your cake topper. You can coordinate with the same type of flowers being used in your bouquets and other wedding arrangements, or take the design in a new direction. This is also a great place to incorporate the wedding colours to give the reception a cohesive feel. Silk floral cake toppers are preferable to fresh flowers because the topper will last forever and can be reused at other occasions or taken apart to incorporate the flowers into a different craft project.

Create a base for your cake topper by cutting a small, clear plastic round container or bowl so it has a lip approximately 1 inch high, as recommended by Bride Craft, a wedding website. Select a bowl that is not greater in circumference than the top tier of your cake where the topper will rest.

Glue a piece of floral foam -- available at your local craft store or florist -- to the bottom of the bowl. The height of the foam will be dictated by your ultimate vision for the cake topper. If you want a tall piece with many flowers, you will need to use a larger piece of foam than if you want a smaller low-rising topper.

Cut the stems on the silk artificial flowers so they can be pushed into the floral foam; you may need to use wire cutters to do this. Start at the centre and work your way down and around, covering all of the green foam with flowers so no foam remains visible. You can incorporate fillers, such as silk greenery or baby's breath, to touch up any bare spots.

Attach a decorative piece of ribbon around the visible portion of your bowl at the base of the cake topper. Choose a ribbon that complements the colours of the flowers as well as the wedding theme.

Add extra flair to the cake topper by adding glitter, rhinestones, pearls, feathers or any other decorative elements that are cohesive with your overall design style for the wedding.