How to hook luggage together

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Travelling can be such fun, but it is no fun trying to hold on to and move several pieces of luggage. Airports usually have long corridors and equally long waiting time so carrying and manoeuvring luggage can be tiresome. A few innovative pieces of equipment are now available for hooking your luggage together. With each piece of equipment, you can move your luggage with one hand, freeing the other hand for carrying a purse or pertinent travel documents.

Create a loop by connecting the strap from your larger suitcase to the smaller one resting on top. Lay the Luggage Pal "J" hook on top of the loop with the curved edges of the hook facing down and inward. Slide the loop through the opening of the hook and move the hook completely around the loop so that it resembles a "U." Slide the hook to the bottom of the loop and flip it over so that the hooks' two curved edges now face upward ready for hooking other pieces of luggage. Use a hook to attach each piece of luggage.

Place your larger piece of luggage onto the cart of your adjustable trolley and put the smaller one above. Lay the Travelon Bungee Bag over your smaller luggage. Ensure that the loop part of the bag is facing the bottom and the flat rectangular top with two tasselled ends is facing the top of luggage. Drape the top rectangular end of the bungee bag over the handle of your trolley. Guide the looped end of the Bungee Bag under the bottom of your smaller luggage and through the handle of the larger luggage and feed it to the back of your luggage. Pull the tasselled ends of the Bungee Bag through the loop and secure it with a couple of knots at the back of your luggage.

Purchase a stretchable ROK strap in a colour to match your luggage and in a length that you require. Place the ROK stretch strap around two or three pieces of luggage and make sure that the "S" hooks located on each end of the strap are not entangled with anything. Hook the luggage together by stretching the straps so that the two ends of the strap meet. Insert the "S" hook from one end of the strap over the other "S" hook located on the other end of the strap. Place your luggage on an adjustable folding trolley and move your luggage around effortlessly.

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