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How to Add an Auxiliary Input to a Nissan Radio

Updated April 17, 2017

The popularity of personal audio MP3 players has made the need for an auxiliary input on a factory Nissan radio is more pressing than ever. Most premium Nissan stereos come equipped with a compact changer, or at least a port on the radio to accommodate a changer's plug. Inventive aftermarket equipment providers now make adaptors to connect to the changer's port to use with auxiliary equipment.

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  1. Access the back of the Nissan's radio. Locate and unplug the single wiring harness in the lower, centre portion of the radio, if a changer is present. Out of the three harnesses on the radio, this will have the fewest wires. If a changer is not present, find the black, plastic adhesive cover blocking the changer's port and remove it.

  2. Slide the harness from the auxiliary input adaptor into the port previously occupied by the changer's harness. If the adaptor allows for it, plug the changer's harness into the adaptor.

  3. Slide the audio cables for the auxiliary source into the "In" RCA jacks on the adaptor.

  4. Tip

    Some adaptors make all connections on the harness supplied with the adaptor. If so, simply disconnect the wire and power harnesses on the back of the radio. Replace these with the matching harness plugs on the aftermarket adaptor. Plug the vehicle's harness plugs into the matching ports on the adaptor's harness.

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Things You'll Need

  • Aftermarket CD changer adaptor

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