How to Fix a Gouge on a LCD TV Screen

razor blade image by jimcox40 from

If you have recently gouged the screen on your LCD TV, and the image still appears without digital distortion, consider yourself lucky. Most LCD televisions easy damage when the screen is scratched.

However, if you find the gouge in the LCD TV screen distracting you can correct the issue with just a few items you might actually have lying around your house.

Power off the television. You don't want to accidentally cut too far on the TV and receive an electronic shock so keep the TV off while repairing the screen.

Cut away any chips or rough edges on the gouge. You want the area smooth and free of debris.

Apply WD-40 to a paper towel and wipe the material into the gouge. The WD-40 has a consistency lighter than glass so you won't be able to notice the liquid when it is applied to the TV.

Wipe away any overflow of the WD-40. Wait for the liquid to dry in place.

Periodically add more WD-40 to the gouge. Over time, dust collects at the spot and you need to clean the gouge and add additional liquid.