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Homemade newspaper shredder

Updated April 17, 2017

Traditional electric paper shredders can be costly, and on top of that, they also use electricity. Create your own homemade newspaper shredder using a few basic supplies and tools that you may already have at home. This homemade shredder is green because it uses no electricity. What's even better is that you can recycle your shredded newspaper into other products.

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  1. Cut a slit in the lid of a one-quart plastic container. Cut the slit from the edge into the middle of the lid. The slit should be large enough that the hand mixer or egg beater can snugly fit through and you can easily use the hand crank.

  2. Slide the manual egg beater or mixer into the slit. The beaters should be on the bottom part of the lid so that they fit into the container and the hand crank should be on the top part of the lid.

  3. Fill the container with water. You should fill it up halfway.

  4. Tear your papers in half so that they are small enough to fit into the container. Do not overfill the container. Be sure that the papers are fully submerged. You can use a stick to help submerge them under water. Let the paper soak for a few minutes.

  5. Put the lid on the container and start to manually crank your shredder. Add more paper as necessary.

  6. Tip

    You can recycle the newspaper pulp by turning it into other paper products, according to Pioneer Thinking.

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Things You'll Need

  • One-quart plastic container
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Hand mixer

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