How to Get a Jasmine Plant to Bloom

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If left to grow outdoors, jasmine will bloom regularly every year because it receives its cues from the temperature changes. If you keep a jasmine plant at a constant temperature indoors, it will stop blooming if not properly maintained.

Keeping potted plants healthy is more difficult than maintaining outdoor gardens because it is more difficult to keep the soil balanced. With the proper care, your jasmine plant will produce sweet-smelling blooms throughout the winter season.

Keep the plant in a warm spot with indirect sunlight during the spring. In summer, when the nights stay warm, keep the plant outdoors in indirect sunlight. Too much sun will scorch the leaves and kill the plant.

Feed the plant with a phosphorus-rich fertiliser, 15-30-15 formula, once a month from spring through early autumn. Follow the instructions on the packaging for the amounts to use. Jasmine needs lots of phosphorus to bloom.

Keep the plant in a cool spot, between 4.44 and 15.6 degrees Celsius, with indirect sunlight during the day for one to two months. Move the plant to a dark room, where it will get no light at all, with the same temperature range at night during this period.

Put the plant back in its normal location in your home. It will bloom within one to two months.