How to Make Windmills From Lolly Sticks

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Making a windmill with lolly sticks, also known as Popsicle sticks, is a simple project that can be done by children and adults alike. A basic lolly stick windmill design is easy to construct and allows for further embellishment depending on the look and function the end result needs to be.

Measure the length of the soda pop bottle and the bottom of the chip can. Cut a length of the card stock two inches longer than the bottle's measurement and one inch wider than the can.

Glue one end of the card stock piece to the bottom of the can. Glue the side of the bottle to the top of the chip can with the bottle neck facing the same direction as the piece of card stock.

Cut a circle out of the remaining card stock measuring 4cm in diameter. Use the sharp pin to punch a hole in the centre of the circle. Arrange four lolly sticks so they are at right angles but not overlapping each other. Glue the lolly sticks onto the card circle.

Draw a rectangle on each side of the milk carton with the longest sides measuring no more than 3 3/4 inches. One of the longer sides of the rectangle should be just beyond the curve of the carton so it will be the correct shape for catching wind. Cut out the rectangles.

Measure 3/4 of the way up from the bottom of the milk carton's curved long side and mark it with your permanent marker. Use the scissors to cut from that mark to the top corner of other long side (the length of this side should not change). Measure the short side and mark the halfway point. Cut from the halfway mark into the curved side, cutting off the corner. Repeat with each rectangle to make four sails.

Glue the long side of each sail to each of the four lolly sticks. The end with the longer diagonal cut should be the farthest away from the circle the sticks are attached to.

Cut off the one end of the large paper clip with wire cutters, removing the centre section with it. The paper clip should resemble a "U" shape. Cut off one side of the "U" just after the curve ends.

Use the sharp pin to puncture a hole through the centre of the bottle cap that came with the soda bottle used earlier. Thread the cut-down paper clip through the hole in the cap.

Cut out two small washers from the remaining card stock and thread one onto the paper clip. Put the windmill assembly onto the paper clip so that each whole lolly stick is visible from the front. Thread a small bead onto the paper clip and bend the rest of the paper clip so the bead won't slip off. Test the assembly to make sure everything is secure before cutting off any extra paper clip wire.

Screw the bottle top onto the bottle to complete the windmill.

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