How to word an invitation for a hen night

Planning a hen night can easily turn into a stressful activity, and even correctly wording the invitations can be a daunting task. Hen nights traditionally are parties for brides and their female friends held just before the wedding day.

They are meant as an opportunity to enjoy "single life" before starting married life. Learning to correctly word invitations is a vital part of getting people to come to your hen night, and the task can be made simpler if you adhere to a simple set of guidelines.

Open with a short passage about the bride getting married. This can be done in many ways and is a good place to incorporate jokes and fun into your invitations. An example opening could read, "Come and join (bride) for a night of drinking, frolicking and dancing before the wedding day. It's a night of fun for all the girls." You can touch on things such as it being the bride's last day as a single woman, or that she has found the right man but needs a good night with the girls.

Use a more formal introduction if you prefer. Things such as, "You are cordially invited to attend (bride's) hen night, for a night of entertainment, drinks and food" are simple, more formal openings to the invitation. More formal invitations can include more emotional statements about the bride finding love and her looking for a chance to celebrate her love with close friends.

Note the date details. Include the day and date as well as the time you are going to be meeting. No special wording is required; you could write something simple like, "The party is to be held on..."

Include the details of the location. Include the name of the establishment, for example the bar that you are meeting at and the street on which it is located. Leave a full address for clarity, including the city and state.