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How to convert a propane grill to a lava rock grill

Updated February 21, 2017

If you want to convert a propane gas grill to a lava rock grill, you should know that the conversion still requires the use of propane. The lava rock in the grill helps to create additional heat, thus reducing the amount of propane needed to grill your food. It is an aid, not a replacement, for propane. Lava rock also helps with the smoking process if you plan to smoke meats in your propane grill.

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  1. Lift the grill lid and remove the cooking grates.

  2. Free the inside of the grill and the cooking grates of old grease by cleaning with a grill scraper and wire brush. Mimic your normal cleaning process.

  3. Purchase a second set of grates that measure the same size as the grates used in your grill. If your grill already has a second grate located directly above the propane inlet rails, you can forgo buying a second set of grates.

  4. Place the second set of grates directly over the propane inlet rails.

  5. Place a layer of lava rock onto the grate and lay them side by side so each rock touches another. If you do not want to purchase new grates, pile the lava rock between each propane inlet tube until the rock rests approximately two inches above the inlet tubes.

  6. Place the cooking grate back onto the grill.

  7. Heat the grill for approximately 10 minutes to burn off any dust and dirt from the lava rock. Do not cook food on the grill during this time.

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Things You'll Need

  • Lava rocks
  • Metal grate

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