How to make color liquid for glass bottles

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Colourful liquid in glass bottles and vases can make a beautiful focal piece to any design. These bottles of colour can be displayed on book cases, counter tops and end tables. They can also be further decorated with things like silk flowers, coloured marbles or beads.

Choose a liquid to use. If the glass is in a precarious location, chose something less likely to stain, like water. For a thicker, more viscous appearance, use oil.

Add food colouring. Heat the water or oil in the microwave until it is warm and begin adding food colouring. For oil, add the food colouring one drop at a time and stir thoroughly before adding the next drop. Food colouring can be added faster in water, but be sure to pause frequently and stir to assess your colour.

Pour your coloured liquid into your bottle. For small-mouthed bottles, use a funnel.

Add other decorative elements. Marbles and stones in a complementary colour can beautifully offset your coloured liquid. For a bottle displayed in a kitchen, consider suspending things like plastic fruits, vegetables and herbs in the liquid to add visual interest and depth.

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