How to replace sofa cushion buttons

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Upholstery buttons often pop off sofa cushions with regular use. While this is frustrating, it does not mark the end of your sofa. With a couple of tools and half an hour, you can replace a sofa cushion button. According to Mikayel Aslanyan, operating manager of All Furniture Services, LLC, the most common type of sofa cushion button is one that attaches to a matching button on the opposite side of a detached cushion.

Remove both buttons and any remaining thread from the cushion.

Thread a long upholstery needle with 24 inches of nylon upholstery thread, and tie a knot in the ends of the thread.

Run the needle through the holes at the back of one button and back through the original button location, pushing it through the cushion, out of the original location of the second button, and through both holes at the back of the second button.

Insert the needle back through the preferred location, through the cushion and out to the holes in the back of the button on the opposite side.

Repeat the sewing process five times, pulling the thread tight as you work to achieve the desired look.

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