How to Donate Electrical Goods

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Donating your unwanted electrical goods to a charity or organisation of your choice will benefit your community as well as the environment. The electrical goods you've accumulated will differ in size and appearance, but often consist of small or large household appliances, computers, televisions, and CD players. Consider donating your electrical goods to a non-profit charity organisation for additional benefits.

Find a reputable non-profit charity or organisation in your area that accepts electrical goods. Visit your local shelters or thrift stores first to see if they're currently seeking or accepting electrical goods.

If you're having difficulty finding a place to drop off your items, visit the Charity Navigator website. Click the "Advanced" link in the "Charity Search" box at the top of the screen. An "Advanced Search" page will appear on the next screen. Under the "Select Category/Cause" header, choose "Human Services" from the drop-down box provided. Enter your zip code in the appropriate box, choose your "State" from the drop-down box provided or enter your "City" in the coinciding box. Click the "Submit" button to see a list of charities and organisations in your area that accept electrical goods.

Gather all electrical goods you're willing to donate and examine or test each item to ensure it still works properly. According to the Ann Sullivan Organization, electrical items should be in good working order or certain charities may not accept the items.

Place bubble wrap around each electrical good and place the item in a secure cardboard box to prevent it from becoming damaged during transportation. Rent a moving truck or request the help of family members or friends if you plan on transporting large or heavy electrical goods, such as a television or refrigerator.

Deliver the electrical goods to the charity organisation's official headquarters. Contact the organisation ahead of time to determine their specific donation drop-off rules or regulations. Some charities or organisations will only accept donations a few days per week or certain hours per working day.

Get a receipt from the charity or organisation for your donation. According to Donation Town, you can receive a tax deduction for donating items to reputable charities or organisations.

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