How to take apart a lightbulb

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Incandescent light bulbs have a number of uses when they are taken apart and hollowed out. They can be used for a number of craft projects and science experiments. It is important to be careful when trying to take apart a light bulb. But the end result of hollowing out the filament assembly can be fun and creative. Incandescent bulbs can be new or used when taking them apart and can be done by just about anyone.

Place a towel on top of your work area to help protect it if the light bulb is broken.

Wear protective gear. Put on safety glasses and gloves to protect your hands and face from anything that could happen with the light bulb if it unexpectedly breaks.

Twist off the solder point at the bottom of the light bulb with the pliers. This will break a wire that leads to the filament assembly.

Pull and crack off the glass insulator pieces. You can do this with your pliers by using the new hole that was made when removing the solder point.

Break the fill tube inside of the light bulb with a screwdriver and remove.

Shake the filament assembly out of the light bulb through the bottom, open area. This will remove the remaining internal pieces from the light bulb.

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