How to Fix the Windows 7 Sound Recorder

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In order to fix the Windows 7 sound recorder, you must first troubleshoot the sound recording. For the sound recorder to function properly on your computer, you must have a sound card and speakers or headphones. When recording on the sound recorder it is important that you have a microphone or an other audio input source. Common problems with the Windows 7 sound recorder often consist of hardware configuration and settings.

Open the sound recorder by clicking the "Start" button and "All Programs." Scroll down and select "Accessiories" from the list, then select "Entertainment."

Select to open the "Sound Recorder." Click the "Start" button and select the "Search" field. Type "Troubleshooter" into the blank field. Select the "Find and Fix problems" tab and click "Troubleshooting audio recording" under the "Hardware and Sound" tab.

Plug in a microphone or other audio input source into the "Microphone" slot on the computer. Click "Next," then wait as the troubleshooter attempts to detect problems.

Close the troubleshooter if no problems are found. Click the volume speaker, which is located on the bottom right of the screen by the clock. Click the "Mixer" option and make sure the "Device" field is not muted.

Check to see if your sound card is being detected by clicking the "Start" button and selecting "Control Panel." Click "System and Security" and select "Device manager" under the "System" field. Click to open "Sound, Video game and Controllers" and see if your sound card is listed under the "Sound" tab.

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