How to Clean Ear Wax With Almond Oil

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Ear wax is normal. The wax protects the skin of the ear from foreign elements. But sometimes the wax builds up, causing reduced hearing and infection. Some people produce more ear wax than others, and need to clean their ears regularly. While cotton swabs are typically used, doctors don't always recommend them.

Almond oil is a soothing, natural way to clean wax build up.

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Put two to four drops of almond oil in a small bowl. The oil should be at room temperature. If it's not, put the bottle of oil in a warm cup of water for two minutes, and then put it in the bowl.

Squeeze the top of the medicine dropper, and dip it into the bowl to draw out the oil.

Lay down on a couch or bed with the troubled ear facing up.

Pull the top of your ear upwards, to straighten the ear canal.

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Carefully place the end of the dropper at the edge of the ear canal. Do not insert the dropper into the ear.

Squeeze two to four drops into your ear.

Remain on the couch or bed for five minutes, without moving your head.

Wipe any excess oil from your ear after you sit up.

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Use the almond oil twice a day until the wax is cleared.