Bosch Drill Instructions

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Bosch is a maker of drills and other power tools used in home improvement projects. Although Bosch drills are long-lasting products, knowing how to use them properly, and safely, will keep them from wearing out prematurely. The common Bosch will run on a power cord or battery, depending on the model.

Care of the power supply is also essential. A new battery can be pricey, and repairing a frayed or broken cord equally so.

Plug the drill into a grounded power outlet.

Set the drill bit in the drill bit hole and hold on to the chuck with the drill moving in the forward position to tighten down the bit. Insert the chuck key to loosen or tighten the bit on models with a chuck key.

Hold the tool by the grip. Squeeze the trigger to release the lock-on button.

Press the drill direction switch to the forward position.

Press the bit against the drilling surface lightly and press the trigger. Drill bits wear out when the bit is in motion before touching the surface.

Press the drill bit gently into the material. Once the chuck has touched the material, continue pressing the trigger button and pull the bit out.