How to Prevent Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Effectively preventing the effects of Alice in Wonderland syndrome, also known as Todd's syndrome, requires the assistance of a physician. With their help and personal experience with the condition, you can begin limiting the effects or avoiding regular outbursts of the syndrome's effects. You will have to make some changes to your lifestyle and know what to do when the symptoms are present to prevent worsening the effects.

Prepare yourself for the effects of Alice in Wonderland syndrome. The condition itself is not debilitating, but it is disorienting. You will begin to notice an inability to correctly judge the size and distance of objects you are viewing. You will notice your own size growing or shrinking to such extremes that the world seems confusing and impossible. Similarly, the size of objects around you will grow or shrink to impossible sizes. If you are driving when you notice these effects begin, pull over to the side of the road and do not step out of your vehicle. If you are at home, sit where you are and alert someone else in the house that you are noticing the effects. The condition can be alarming but you should avoid additional risk from movement. Also, practice using your cell phone with your eyes closed and make use of saved phone numbers. In an emergency, this skill will help you contact a family member and alert them of your condition.

Take precautions against regular migraines. Episodes of Alice in Wonderland syndrome are often a precursor to migraine outbreaks. Regulate your diet carefully, limit your stress levels and avoid situations that tend to bring on migraines. Consult your doctor if your migraines do not stop and inquire about appropriate medicines, which help you manage your migraine outbreaks. Managing your migraines requires regular and consistent care of your daily activities. You may never successfully pinpoint all stimuli that triggers your migraines, which makes regular care a necessity.

Inquire of your physician if you suffer from temporal lobe epilepsy. This form of epilepsy can lead to regular episodes of Alice in Wonderland syndrome surrounding seizures. Your physician can prescribe medicines that assist you in the maintenance of your epilepsy and give you some control over the outbreaks. Surgery is another option for some patients but generally restricted to more severe cases. Discuss treatment options with your physician and find a treatment appropriate for your condition.

Alter your daily life and include healthier choices. Eat a healthy diet filled with crucial vitamins and begin a daily exercise regiment. Avoid unnecessary contamination from individuals who suffer from mononucleosis. While the effects of mononucleosis are generally light, it is a known trigger for the effects of Alice in Wonderland syndrome. A healthier lifestyle can build up your immune system and prevent future outbreaks of the condition.

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