How to Install Universal Mud Flaps

submerged pickup truck image by paul prescott from

Mud flaps are flexible plastic panels that hang off your wheel wells and help control the spray of mud kicked up by your tires. They both help keep your car clean and keep you from splattering mud and rocks on cars behind you. To install universal mud flaps, you will have to drill attachment holes in the wheel well, but the plastic on the inside of the well is easy to drill into.

Drive your car or truck to a clear spot where you can work on it. Do not install mud flaps when your vehicle is on the side of the road due to the danger of being hit by a passing car. Place the vehicle into park, and engage the parking brake to prevent the vehicle from moving.

Clean off the interior of the wheel wells with a water hose. You need to prevent dirt or mud from becoming trapped under the mud flap during installation and possibly causing damage. Dry off the wheel well with towels.

Place the mud flap installation bracket against the interior of the wheel well, and mark the bolt hole placement with a grease pen. Place a drill bit the same size of the bolt hole in the drill, and drill holes where marked.

Place bracket in position, and insert one bolt halfway. Ensure the attachment hardware is properly lined up with the other holes, then insert the other bolts. Tighten the bolts down with a wrench; the size will depend on the mud flap model.

Repeat the hardware installation process for the other wheel wells. The universal mud flaps may be trimmed with a pair of shop shears. If so, use a measuring tape to mark the height you want for the mud flaps. Mark all the other mud flaps the same length to give them a level look, then cut the excess mud flap off with shop shears.

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