Trees With Small Pink & White Flowers

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Many trees come in varieties with pink or white flowers, like the Flowering Dogwood. Others, like the Sugar Tyme Crabapple, have pink buds that open into white flowers, but few trees display both pink and white flowers at once. Still others, like the Apple Blossom or the Pink Trumpet Tree, grow large pink and white blooms, while certain varieties of Cherry, Plum, Crape Myrtle and Autumnalis, have small pink and white flowers.

Peppermint Lace Crape Myrtle

In mid-July hundreds of fragrant little flowers with pink peppermint stripes and white trim burst from each cluster on the Lagerstroemia indica, or Peppermint Lace Crape Myrtle. A hardy and adaptable deciduous tree with blooms that last into late fall, the Peppermint Lace Crape Myrtle can be shaped to suit the grower's desires, stretching up to 20 feet or spreading out like a shrub. Often planted along walkways and driveways and below balconies and decks this South Pacific native that first hit U.S. soil in South Carolina attract hummingbirds.

Japanese Cherry Blossom

Every spring, the cities of Japan are covered in its unofficial national flower, Sakura (cherry). The grounds of Himeji castle on the Japanese island of Hokkaido boasts 10,000 Japanese Cherry Blossom trees, or Prunus serrulata, in 250 varieties. Most of these varieties only bear their pink and white blooms for a few days, inspiring the Japanese tradition during that time of hanami or cherry blossom viewing.


The jagged edged semi-double white and pink blossoms on the Prunus x subhirtella, or Autumnalis, are smaller than a nickel. This flowering cherry blooms first in autumn and then on and off through the end of winter. The Autumnalis (and the slightly darker-shaded Autumnalis rosea) have a wide spread, although they don't make good shade trees because they usually don't grow over 25 feet.

Thundercoud Purple Leaf Plum

The leaves of the prunus cerasifera, or Thundercloud, may be purple, but the flowers are pink and white. A deciduous tree that needs full sun and lots of watering, the Thundercloud blooms in spring, when it attracts birds seeking its sweet, small red fruit. Because of its dramatic foliage, it is best planted as an accent tree rather than in clumps or rows and makes a good privacy screen from the neighbours.

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