How to Remove a Bumper to Install a Hitch on a Touareg

The Volkswagen Touareg has an engine capable of towing at least 3175 Kilogram, which makes it capable hauling a trailer. Installing a trailer hitch is not as straightforward as on most vehicles. Hitch installation requires removal of the Touareg's rear bumper to access the bumper support to mount the hitch. Removing the bumper and installing a hitch should take a few hours.

Open the Touareg's hatch. Pop open the screw caps on the sides of the taillights, using with the flathead screwdriver.

Remove the tail light bolts from the vehicle's body, using a 3/8-inch ratchet and socket. Remove the taillights from the Touareg's body and disconnect the lights' harness.

Remove the bumper cover bolts on the lip previously hidden by the tail light, using the 3/8-inch ratchet and a Torx-head socket. Remove the bolts on the bumper, inside the rear bumper wells and across the bottom edge of the bumper, using the 3/8-inch ratchet and a Torx-head socket.

Lift the bumper off one bumper well and lean it back to unplug the wiring to the rear bumper sensors, using your hands. Take the bumper away from the Touareg, using an assistant for help, if necessary.

Remove the steel bumper support, located on the rear of the Volkswagen, using a 3/8-inch ratchet, extension and sockets. Move the bumper support away from the SUV with both hands.

Support the hitch, with the help of an assistant, against the Volkswagen and tighten the hitch's bolts into the factory bumper support mounts, using the 3/8-inch ratchet, extension and sockets. Set the bumper support's foam insert on top of the hitch.

Move the bumper cover over to the Volkswagen. Reattach the electrical harness and slide the cover over the rear of the vehicle.

Reinstall the mounting hardware, using the 3/8-inch ratchet and the Torx-head socket. Plug the taillights back onto the stock harness and reinstall the lights' bolts into the body, using the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket.

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