How to make a medieval jester costume

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Brighten up any costume or Halloween party with a medieval jester costume. According to the Medieval Life and Times website, medieval jesters were responsible for bringing a smile to the face of a monarch who was feeling angry or unwell. Although you do not have any monarchs to entertain, this costume will, nonetheless, bring excitement to any party.

Wear a brightly coloured tunic top such as purple, green or gold, which are signature colours for a jester.

Add a pair of black tights or knit trousers. For a more colourful option, wear trousers or tights in the same colour as your tunic.

Use fabric shears to cut a pointed collar for your jester costume. Cut the collar from brightly coloured fabric that complements your tunic top. Make sure your cuts are pointed (as if you were cutting small triangles).

Add beads. Beads in gold, purple, green and silver worn around your neck will accessorise your ensemble.

Make a sceptre by wrapping aluminium foil around a baton.

Paint your face with diamond and star shapes. Jesters often used colours such as black, silver and white on their faces.

Turn any ready-made floppy hat into a jester's hat by attaching bells around the edges using a needle and thread.

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