How to Know When You've Found Your Prostate Gland

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The prostate is an important part of the male reproductive system. The glandular portion of the prostate secretes seminal fluid, while the muscular portion helps propel it forward. While this gland often goes unnoticed in everyday life, it's susceptible to vigorous cancer cells--so it's important to be aware of the condition of the prostate. Prostates should be checked by a doctor, but a regular self exam can be beneficial in between annual doctor visits.

Put on a latex glove on the dominant hand. Cover the index finger in water-based lubricant to make insertion easier.

Insert the finger slowly into the anus, with the pad of the finger facing the front side of the body. The anus must be completely relaxed to reduce the chance of damaged anal tissue.

Rub the inside wall of the rectum, about an inch inside the anal cavity, and search for a walnut sized lump. The gland should same approximate toughness as the flesh between a thumb and forefinger when the hand is in a tight fist. The prostate gland is perhaps the most sensitive part around the anal cavity, so an extreme sensation is a strong sign that you've found your prostate gland.

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