How to Make a Ginger Man Costume

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A ginger man is a type of gingerbread cookie cut into the shape of a man. Usually, these cookies are brown in colour and have icing and other treats on top of the cookie in a vaguely human design. Brown felt can transform a person into a semirealistic ginger man, which can be used for Halloween, holiday parties and holiday plays and pageants. This costume will take about three hours to make. It can work for adults and children alike.

Fold in half a large length of felt that is as twice as long as the body of the person who will wear the costume. Have the person lay on the felt. Outline his entire body from head to ankles with the chalk.

Allow the person to get up. Draw a larger circle around the first head outline to make the large head of the ginger man. Widen the arm and leg sizes as well, if desired.

Cut the two pieces of felt out with scissors. Glue the edges together with hot glue. Leave openings for the hands and feet. Cut out the centre circle slightly smaller than the width of the person's face so the person wearing the costume can stick his head through the hole. Sew a piece of wire around the inside diameter of the head circle to add stability to the head piece if necessary.

Cut a 2-foot-long slit in the back of the costume so that the person can put the costume on and take it off. Place a small strip of Velcro on both sides of the slit to keep it closed when the costume is on.

Decorate the front of the costume with fabric paints, pom poms and any other embellishments that you want. Ric-rac trim is a fun edging to use to decorate a ginger man costume. Pom poms make good ginger man buttons.

Wear brown gloves and shoes with the costume. Place the head and chin through the hole in the middle of the head of the costume to see and breathe through while wearing the costume. Paint the child's face brown to complete the look. Add accents around the nose and eyes to make it look as if the eyes and nose were painted on with icing or candies.

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