How to Make Your Own Paper Punch Shapes

paper hearts image by Randy McKown from

Scrapbookers and stamp artists are familiar with the wide variety of paper punches on the market.

You can purchase paper punches in all shapes and sizes, from the simple utilitarian circle that has served office workers and students for decades to other simple shapes such as hearts and stars to more intricate shapes such as trees and snowflakes. You can use paper punches to create new shapes and design original craft projects. For example, you can use small heart cutouts in a variety of creative ways.

Cut a standard sheet of white, pink or red paper in half. Then fold one of the pieces in half to make a card.

Draw a heart on the front of the card. Keep the line light and make sure the heart nearly fills the space.

Punch out several hearts from a different coloured sheet of paper. For example, red hearts on a white background look nice or pink hearts on a red background. You'll need a lot of small hearts, so punch a hundred or so to start.

Glue the first small heart to the outline of the heart you've drawn. Begin at the bottom point of the larger heart. Arrange the small heart so its point aims at the centre of the big heart. Use only a small dot of glue on the point of the small heart. This will make it so the tops of the small hearts can fan upward when you're finished, giving a 3-D effect to your card.

Glue a second small heart next to the first in the same way, overlapping the first slightly. Continue gluing small hearts all the way around the outline, always keeping the points aiming at the centre and using only a small amount of glue for each heart.

Start a new outline of small hearts inside your first outline, gluing each heart in the same way. This smaller outline should overlap the first outline.

Repeat until you've filled the entire large heart with overlapping small hearts.

On a sheet of white paper, draw several lines with a green crayon or pencil.

Punch out hearts in multiple colours, including green. Punch out circles in multiple colours, too.

Arrange four or five coloured hearts at the top of each green line, with the points touching in the middle to make a flower shape. Glue the hearts.

Glue a coloured circle in the centre of each flower made of hearts.

Fold several green hearts in half. Glue them to the stems to create leaves.