How to Get a Disability Certificate

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Many people experience disabilities that prevent them from performing some or all aspects of daily activities including work. Individuals with disabilities may work with their employer to arrange reasonable accommodations within the workplace or qualify for certain monetary benefits depending on the extent of their condition. In instances where a disability qualifies a person for payments from a state worker's compensation fund, disability insurance or government benefits such as Social Security, official documentation, completed by a medical professional, may be required.

Know the documentation requirements for the benefit for which you are applying. Information that you may need to provide to a worker's compensation adjuster may differ from information required by the Social Security Administration.

Know the benefit provider's credential requirements for the professional certifying your disability status.

Contact the office of your medical provider (or other approved professional) to arrange for the completion of the certification forms. You may need to set an appointment for a medical evaluation and to have the required forms completed.

Expect to respond to questions regarding your condition and possibly submit to medical evaluation and testing. Many factors lend to a medical professional's determination of disability and require exploration.

Engage in the certification process with your medical provider. Answer questions regarding your condition in a forthright manner; ask any questions that you may have.

Take the completed forms and any supplementary paperwork with you at the end of your appointment.

Submit your documentation to the appropriate office of the benefit-provider.

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