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How to Paint With Acrylics on Slate Rocks & Clay Pots

Slate rocks are fine-grained flat rocks used for roofing and floor tiles. Slate is a metamorphic rock, which means it has been changed over time from high temperature and pressure. Its parent rock is shale. Finding a smooth flat piece of slate would be ideal for painting with acrylics. Slate was used for blackboards with the purpose of writing on its flat surface. Together with a clay pot, which is a ceramic pot used for planting, you can paint designs to enhance your garden.

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  1. Clean a flat piece of slate rock with a wet rag before you start your project. If it is really dirty, use soapy warm water. Allow the rock to dry completely before painting.

  2. Pour the paint colours you want to use into small plastic cups. This will prevent waste since acrylic paint dries quickly, and once it dries, it cannot be used.

  3. Dip your paint brush into the green paint and put some of the paint into a clean plastic cup. Dip the brush into the blue paint, and then dip it into the plastic cup where you placed a little bit of green into. It should be about a one to one mixture. Mix the colours together with your brush to make an aqua colour.

  4. Paint a horizontal oval shape with this paint. Add a triangle, so that the point is on the oval, creating a fish shape.

  5. Dip a clean fine pointed brush into an one part white and one part yellow paint mixture. Paint scalloped looking fish scales on your painting. Bright colours standout on the dark colour of the slate, so adding highlights are a good idea to slate rock paintings.

  6. Paint fins with the white and yellow mixture of paint. Using green, paint eyes and a mouth. Wait for your painting to dry before placing it in your garden. Wash your paint brushes in soapy water before starting on your clay pot.

  7. Wash your clay pot with warm soapy water. Wipe with a clean rag, and allow it to completely dry before starting your painting.

  8. Dip your paint brush into yellow paint, and paint a yellow circle on your clean clay pot, roughly two inches across. Clean your brush or use a new one.

  9. Paint white petals off of your yellow circle, by painting long ovals around the dot like a pinwheel.

  10. Add a green stem and leaves below your white flower. Wait for your clay pot to dry before adding soil and seeds.

  11. Wash your brushes and containers with soapy water.

  12. Tip

    Experiment with different designs and patterns for your slate and clay pots. Painting text would work well on a slate rock. Use a bright colour or white to standout on the dark slate.


    Wash brushes after you are done using them to prevent paint from drying on your brush. Once it dries, you can no longer use them.

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Things You'll Need

  • Rag
  • Dish detergent
  • Flat slate rock
  • Clay pot
  • Paintbrushes
  • Small plastic cups
  • Acrylic paints

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