How to care for a chinese money tree

The Chinese money tree, also known as the Malabar chestnut, Guiana chestnut, provision tree or money plant, is a type of evergreen tree. The Chinese money tree belongs to the bombacaceae family and is a deciduous evergreen plant with a distinctive braided stem. Although the plant may appear to have Chinese origins due to its common name, in fact, it originally came from South America.

Place about 2 inches of gravel in the bottom of a new planter that has several drainage holes. The planter should be slightly bigger than the original planter that your Chinese money tree came in.

Place your choice of regular potting soil or a perlite/soil mixture with about one-third gritty sand atop the gravel, filling the majority of the planter. Allow sufficient room in the middle of the container for the tree and its root ball to be placed inside.

Lift the Chinese money tree out of its original container, keeping the root ball as intact as possible. Leave the soil surrounding the root ball in place.

Place the Chinese money tree into the planter you prepared. Arrange the soil so that the tree is firmly anchored in the new planter.

Water the tree until the soil is slightly damp but not overly wet. Continue watering about two times a week in amounts of about 227gr. or whenever the soil becomes dried out.

Use a houseplant fertiliser in the manufacturer-recommended amount on the tree about once a month during the warmest times of the year. It is not necessary to fertilise the tree during the cooler months since the tree will not grow during these times.

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