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How to gain weight by drinking whole milk

Updated April 17, 2017

Skinny men who find it hard to gain weight need not resign themselves to having sand kicked in their face for the rest of their lives. Drinking quantities of whole milk and following an exercise program can help them bulk up very quickly. Milk's ability to aid in muscle growth and also promote body fat loss makes it the ideal post-workout drink for recreational exercisers and athletes alike. While any extreme dietary and exercise changes should be undertaken with caution, as long as you fit and follow medical advice, drinking a few litres of milk every day can help you bulk up.

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  1. Start increasing your whole milk consumption gradually. Spread your consumption throughout the day, drinking 285 to 450 g (10 to 16 fl oz) at a time. Drinking too much milk straight away can cause stomach cramps and bloating, as your body is not used to it. So, begin with a couple of servings a day and gradually add more. Don't drink so much that you make yourself feel sick or ill.

  2. Eat six small meals a day. Have small meals at breakfast, before and after a workout and just before bedtime. Have two snacks in between. If you are not working out that day, have six small meals three hours apart, roughly.

  3. Lift weights three times a week. Keep your weightlifting sessions to 60 minutes or less unless you are taking three to five minute breaks between some lifting sets.

  4. Weigh yourself regularly in the morning after a bowel movement and use calipers to monitor your fat gain. Use a free website to help track your diet, exercise, weight changes and goals.

  5. Continue with the programme until you reach your target weight. It might actually help to go a few kilograms over, so that as you move into the increased workout phase, you don't drop too much weight too quickly.

  6. Reduce your milk intake once you reach your target weight. You might want to continue drinking a glass of milk post-workout, however. Change your nutritional intake to a weight maintenance level, but stick to the three hour eating schedule. Every day eat 1 g (0.004 oz) of protein for every 450 g (1 lb) of body weight, drink 4.5 litres (1 gallon) of water and make sure 30 per cent of your diet consists of healthy fats.

  7. Begin doing lots of cardiovascular exercise. Eat lower calorie foods as well as cutting out the milk to speed up your physical transformation. The muscle you built up along with the fat will have increased your metabolism. This will help you lose the excess fat and turn it into muscle, as will the new cardiovascular regime. It will not be long before you have the body you always wanted.

  8. Tip

    It's possible to accelerate your progress by drinking chocolate milk before, during and after working out.

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