How to Hang Pictures on Brick Walls

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Hanging objects on brick walls is challenging. You can't simply drive a nail into brick as you can with dry wall or plaster. Although it involves a little work, hanging pictures on brick walls is possible.

Attach a masonry bit to your drill. Choose a bit that is the same size as your wall anchor--a sleeve that expands as you place it in the wall and helps latch onto the screw.

Drill a hole into the mortar of the brick that is just deep enough to insert the sleeve. Avoid drilling into the brick, as doing so can cause damage to the wall and decrease the wall's strength.

Push the anchor into the hole until it is even with the wall. Tap the anchor with a hammer to encourage it to go inside the anchor hole, if necessary.

Insert a screw into the sleeve with a screwdriver. Allow the screw to stick out of the wall by one-half to three-quarter inches. This is what you will hang the picture on.

Place the picture hook on the back of the picture atop the screw. Adjust the picture so that it is straight.

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