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How to Train Special Songs to Canaries

Updated November 21, 2016

The canary is a member of the finch family, which is native to the Madeira, Verde and Canary islands. Although in the wild canaries can be found sporting a range of colour types including yellow/brown and yellow/green, the completely yellow canary is the product of a selective breeding program in captivity. Canaries usually learn to sing from their mother and are able to sing a wide range of notes. Singer canaries have been developed specifically as song birds in America. Males generally sing more often than females, although neither males nor females sing while they are moulting.

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  1. Begin the training while the canary is in the juvenile stage as this is when the mother would teach it to sing by singing to it.

  2. Purchase a specialised CD of songs that are made using the range of notes specifically used by canaries. Another option is to compose a piece of music by arranging notes in a specific order. Some trainers use musical instruments such as the hand organ to teach a canary a specific song.

  3. Play the piece of music for the canary to hear on a daily basis. The juvenile bird will usually begin to practice and sing the tune once it has heard it a number of times. Be patient, as some canaries will pick this up more easily than others. Once the canary has learnt the tune it will sing it without the aid of the music. As the bird becomes older it will probably change the notes around by itself in order to make a range of different tunes, although occasionally a canary will do this while continuing to remember the original song.

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Things You'll Need

  • Canary song CD
  • CD player
  • Hand organ

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