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How to Shorten the Refractory Period

Updated April 17, 2017

The refractory period is the period following a male orgasm during which an erection is difficult to obtain or maintain. The refractory period typically increases with age, which can prove frustrating for some. One of the causes is declining testosterone levels, a natural result of ageing, as testosterone is the male hormone largely responsible for sex drive. Using simple home remedies to decrease the refractory period can help avoid the cost and side effects of drugs.

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  1. Run a washcloth under warm to hot water immediately following an orgasm.

  2. Apply the washcloth to the genital region to enhance blood flow to the area. Hold the warm washcloth and maintain light pressure for several minutes.

  3. Practice Kegel exercises to increase blood flow to the area. Accomplish this by contracting the muscles at the base of the pelvic region and hold for a second or two, as if you were trying to halt a flow of urine midstream.

  4. Continue alternating between the two until an erection returns.

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Things You'll Need

  • Washcloth

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