How to Renovate a Cement Patio

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Old cement patios tend to be cracked, stained and coloured poorly. Renovating the patio requires resurfacing or covering the cement with a desired finish.

Options for renovation include covering the patio with pavers, resurfacing the concrete by adding a layer or two of concrete resurfacer, or cleaning and refinishing the patio. The simplest task that produces good results is the basic cleaning and refinishing of the patio. The process is the most inexpensive while producing quality results.

Sweep the surface clean of debris with a broad-head broom. Rinse the surface with a power washer to remove impacted dirt and debris.

Patch any cracks or holes with a concrete patch compound. Follow the directions on the container for the proper mixing and application of the product.

Grind the surface of the concrete to remove existing paint, stains or rough patches using a floor buffer and 100-grit, screen-mesh sandpaper. The floor buffer is available for rent from most hardware stores.

Pour concrete cleanser over the entire surface of the concrete directly from the bottle. Scrub the concrete with the broad-head broom to work the chemical into the surface. Rinse the concrete thoroughly with a pressure washer. Allow the concrete to dry.

Mix a concrete stain of a colour of your choosing in a pump sprayer as directed on the packaging. Spray the surface of the concrete holding the nozzle approximately one foot from the surface of the concrete. Work in broad, even arcs until the entire surface has an even coat. Scrub the surface with the broad-head broom to work the chemical into the concrete.

Reapply the stain as desired to darken or deepen the colour. Allow each coat to dry thoroughly before applying a second or third coat.