How to fix a staple gun

A staple gun is a useful fastening tool, such as for affixing a coaxial cable from a satellite dish to the baseboard of a wall without incurring any damage. You must fix a staple gun that is not expelling staples properly to keep it working efficiently as well as safely. You can fix a staple gun by compressing the spring that engages the staples prior to their being ejected. A few, common tools are all you will need to repair your staple gun.

Pull the two latches at the bottom side of the staple gun towards you to release the loading plate. Pull the loading plate off the bottom of the staple gun and out at a 35-degree angle.

Turn the staple gun over the open mouth of a dustbin. Shake the staple gun to dislodge any staples that have got stuck inside. Inspect the staple gun to verify that there are no stuck staples inside.

Push the staple clip back towards the spring-loading rod at the base of the loading plate. Pull the staple clip up and out of the loading plate compartment with your fingers.

Blow out the loading plate with a burst of compressed air. Place the staple gun on its side on the newspaper with the loading plate facing towards you. Hold the loading plate down with one hand. Place the tip of a Phillips screwdriver against the end of the spring-loaded rod inside the loading plate's compartment.

Push the spring-loaded rod back towards the base of the loading plate with the tip of the screwdriver. Hold the tip against the rod for two minutes to compress the spring. Release the rod by removing the screwdriver.

Place the staple clip back into the loading plate compartment. Return the loading plate to the bottom of the staple gun. Press against the loading plate until a click is heard, signifying that the plate is now locked onto the bottom.

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