How to Adjust Sliding Patio Door Rollers

The smooth operation of a sliding patio door depends on proper roller adjustment. When your patio door starts to drag, jam or the latch becomes difficult to lock easily, the typical problem is a misaligned door roller. Getting the door back on track is a minor adjustment that will restore the sliding patio door's proper function.

Clean the door track using a brush or broom to loosen any dirt or debris within the track, then vacuum the track to remove the loosened material.

Open the sliding panel of the patio door about 12 inches to 18 inches to provide access to the bottom of the panel on both sides.

Observe the gap between the bottom of the sliding panel and top edge of the bottom track. If the door has been jamming or sliding poorly, the gap is probably uneven, with one side being narrower than the other. The gap should be approximately 1/4-inch wide and equal across the bottom of the door edge.

Access the roller adjustment screws through the small hole at the base of the door's edge on both sides of the sliding panel. Some patio doors have a rubber or plastic plug inserted in the access hole and this plug is removed using the tip of a flat screwdriver.

Adjust the rollers, as needed, by turning the appropriate roller adjustment screw using a screwdriver. Turn the adjustment screw clockwise to lower the roller wheels and raise the door. Turn the adjustment screw counterclockwise to raise the roller wheels and lower the door. Test the door's action after adjustment to ensure smooth movement across the full track.

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