How to make an alien for a school project

The best thing about a create-an-alien school project is that aliens can look however you want them to, so it gives children the chance to get creative. It does however help to start with a straightforward design.

With some art supplies, you can help children transform a simple box into a bug-eyed, spotty, blue alien in no time.

Using glue, cover an entire 8 x 4 x 4 inch box in blue construction paper.

Make a mark with a pencil around 1.5 inches into one of the long edges of the box. Make the same mark on the other end of this edge and then make a mark directly in the centre of this edge.

Make a mark 2 inches away from the edge, toward the centre of the box. Make another mark two inches away from the centre of the box.

Cut out an oval out of the box using these pencil lines as markers. Keep this oval.

Cut out two cups from an egg carton.

Paint the egg carton cups white.

Cut around a piece of paper using the oval that you cut out from the box as a template.

Draw another 1/2 inch oval inside the paper oval that you just cut out. Cut out the centre of the 1/2 inch oval and discard it.

Draw nine lines down one of the long curves of the paper oval with black marker, representing teeth. Do the same on the other long curve. Leave around an inch without teeth on both of the small curves of the oval shape.

Cut out the non-toothed areas so that you have two sets of bent teeth.

Stick the edge of one these sets of teeth to the inside the oval hole in the box. The teeth should hang out into the mouth with the black lines visible.

Glue the other set of teeth to the opposite side of the oval hole in the box.

Draw a pair of three-toed feet around 2 inches wide on the second piece of blue construction paper. Cut these out.

Place the box in front of you so that 1 set of teeth is facing you and the other is on the top of the box. The side facing you is the front of the alien.

Glue the feet to the bottom of the alien so they are protruding into the front area. They should be positioned in line with the sides of the box.

Cut out a small isosceles triangle from the white construction paper and stick it to the underside of a toe, so that it hangs out and forms a claw.

Repeat this step for the other five toes.

Paint a black dot in the middle of the bottom of the egg cups once they have dried.

Draw a long curved tail on the second piece of blue construction paper and cut it out. Make it long enough to curl from the back of the alien, around its side and curving into the front.

Glue the starting end of this tail to the bottom of the box so it comes out of the middle of the alien's back.

Cut out 2 squares with 1 inch sides from the black construction paper.

Cut out a series of thin triangles into the black squares leaving a base of paper at the bottom so all of the triangles stay joined together. This will make eyelashes.

Glue these to the top of the egg cup when they are dry.

Cut one side off the egg cups 3 quarters of the way along. Glue this flat side to the top of the carton, above the mouth. These make the eyes of the alien.

Draw spots with glitter glue all over the alien using whatever colours you like.