How to remove silicone caulk from vinyl

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Silicone caulk helps keep moisture and air out of your home and can help prevent rotting and mould. While caulking your house, however, you might accidentally drop silicone caulk on your vinyl siding. If you don't remove it as soon as it falls, it might harden and be harder to remove. Luckily, vinyl is a relatively non-porous surface that will stand up well to the cleaning process.

Wipe up the caulk with a water-dampened cloth. You may be unable to remove any caulk this way if the caulk has been on the vinyl for a long time.

Press a razor blade against where the caulk meets the vinyl. Do not apply too much pressure as this might scratch the vinyl. Loosen as much caulk as needed so that you can grasp the end of the caulk.

Grasp the end of the caulk and pull the rest of the caulk off. Because vinyl is generally smooth, the caulk should pull off in one piece.

Press a paint scraper against the wall and slide it against any remnants of silicone caulk that might be on the vinyl. Continue until you've removed as much of the silicone as possible.

Soak a clean cloth in rubbing alcohol.

Lay the cloth over any remaining piece of silicone. Let the cloth sit there for several hours. Tape the cloth down if it is on a vertical surface.

Remove the cloth and wipe up the softened silicone residue.

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