How to Make a Ballet Wrap Skirt

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A ballet wrap skirt is a short, wraparound skirt made of chiffon that is tied around the waist with a ribbon. Dancers use wrap skirts for technique classes to soften their lines and add flair to the staple leotard. Ballet instructors may specify that only certain colours are allowed, so check with your teacher before purchasing material. Simple to make, these wrap skirts require only a few yards of material, a matching ribbon and a sewing kit.

Measure your waist, then add 4 inches. Decide how long you want your skirt to be. Measure the length. Allow room for the hem.

Use chalk to mark the length and width of your skirt on the chiffon. Use a series of dots in a line so that you cut straight edges. Wrap the rectangle of chiffon around your waist to check the cut.

Use chalk to round the lengthwise edges of the chiffon square. Mark one edge with a curve that descends steeply but rounds at the end, like the shape of a goblet. Place one rounded edge over the other; trace the curve so that they match.

Cut the edges along the markings.

Use pins to fold and tack a narrow hem. Sew the hem by hand slowly so that the chiffon doesn't crinkle.

Measure the ribbon by wrapping it twice around your waist. The extra length is needed to tie a bow. Cut the ends on an angle, then apply clear polish to prevent fraying.

Fold the skirt in half. Fold the ribbon in half. Tack the middles of the skirt and ribbon together. Continue to tack the ribbon to the top of the skirt. Sew the ribbon to the skirt by hand. Follow up by using a sewing machine to keep the stitching straight.

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