How to Get TomTom Maps for Free

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TomTom GPS devices can get you out of a pickle when your are in an unfamiliar city, or just travelling to a new part of town. The mobile devices come with a map installed, and new maps may be purchased. In addition, TomTom users can register with the free Map Share program and download updates at no charge. As you download updates, your map will change to reflect the new routes and points of interest.

Install the latest version of the TomTom "Home" program on your computer, if you do not currently have it. The program is free, and the download is available on the TomTom website.

Go to the main menu on your TomTom GPS and tap "Map Corrections." When prompted, select "Join Map Share." Choose the level of verification you want to require before an update is added to your device. For example, elect to only add updates verified by TomTom, or choose to accept updates verified by "Many Users."

Connect your TomTom GPS to your computer using the USB cable that came with the device. The updates made by other users will be automatically downloaded to your map when the GPS is connected to your computer.

Tap "Map Corrections" from your GPS to manually enter your own corrections to the map. Alter street names, reverse the traffic direction on the map or add a point of interest. Also, report other miscellaneous errors on the map. The corrections you make will be verified and shared with other Map Share users.

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