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How to sell video footage to news agencies

Updated March 23, 2017

As citizen journalism is becoming ever more popular, many people try to sell video footage to news agencies in return foe payment. Because most news agencies cannot have a reporter at every location where a disaster or accident happens, often citizen journalists shoot the first raw footage of an event. If the footage is exceptionally good or unique, the news agency will broadcast it on air and you will get some money for it from the agency.

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  1. Call the news desk of a news agency. You can find most news agencies' contact details on the Internet or from directory assistance.

  2. Offer your footage to the news desk and ask how much they are willing to pay for it. Explain what you have a footage of, how long the footage is and how you acquired the footage.

  3. Walk up to a journalist at the scene of the disaster or accident if you cannot find the news agencies' telephone number. Offer to show your footage and ask how much the journalist's agency would be willing to pay for it. Agree on a price and provide a copy of the footage.

  4. Tip

    Be quick and contact the news agency as soon as you can. Most citizen-shot video footage is worth money only until the agency has shot its own footage.

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