How to Stop Door Knockers

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Many homeowners believe that their homes are their sanctuaries. Because of this, many wish not to be disturbed by salesmen, petitioners or uninvited guests knocking on their doors.

People come to your door for many reasons, including to try and obtain political contributions, to talk to you about religion or to ask you to join organisations. If you've had enough of the solicitations and don't want to be bothered anymore, you can take simple steps to help end unwanted visits.

Post "No Trespassing" and "No Solicitor" signs on your property. These signs indicate to solicitors that their business is not wanted. Place the signs on your front door, front gate or other highly visible area. Depending on the laws in your area, going onto property where such signs are posted may be punishable by law.

Place a sticker on your door that requests that religious missionaries refrain from knocking.

Contact your city council or local police department to inquire about any "Do Not Knock" ordinances available in your town. Similar to the "Do Not Call" list for telephone numbers, this list, which is made available to many businesses, tells vendors that you do not want to be disturbed in your home.