How to make a wig look more natural & not shiny

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Synthetic wigs often have an unnatural shine. There are a series of steps you can take, according to wig manufacturer A simple wash may do the trick or you may have to try stripping the shine with vinegar or dusting the wig with powder. Your synthetic wig will often lose that added lustre with use over time, but try these remedies in the meantime.

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Apply a mild shampoo to the fibres of your synthetic wig but don't bunch up the hair while washing. Simply dip it in and out of cold water, advises, until it rinses clean. You also can add fabric softener to take the stiffness out of the fibres. Don't comb your wig when it is wet and let it air dry.

Soak your wig in a cup of apple cider or white vinegar for 10 to15 minutes if it is still too shiny after the shampoo. The acid may break down the shine barrier. Rinse your wig with shampoo and cold water afterward and let it air dry.

Try dusting your synthetic wig with powder if it's still too shiny. recommends baking powder but adds that any kind of powder will do. Apply powder to the back of your wig with your hands or use a make-up brush. Part the wig to gain access to underlying fibres and powder those too. Shake excess powder out and brush your synthetic wig.

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