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How to Make a Cerberus Costume

Updated April 17, 2017

Costume parties are a great excuse to dress up your dogs as well as yourself. Cerberus is a three-headed dog set to guard the ancient Greek world of Hades. It is easy to make a lightweight and cheap Cerberus costume for your dog that will not only look scary but will also look awesome at parties.

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  1. Measure your dog's head. Use the measurements to find two appropriate cuts of styrofoam or Polystyrene.

  2. Use a hot wire cutter to shape the Polystyrene or styrofoam to form a likeness of your dog. Be careful; if you make a mistake, you will have to start again with a fresh block. It is a good idea to draw cutting lines in pencil before you make a cut.

  3. Cut and glue the felt to the Polystyrene or styrofoam mould. You will probably need more than one colour of felt. Glue your dog's base colour first over the whole mould and then add patches of the secondary colour(s). Leave an excess of fabric hanging off the back of the head to form the neck. Use some excess felt to make ears.

  4. Use a knife or razor to cut white craft foam to make fake teeth. Use a craft foam matching your dog's fur colour(s) to make eyelids. Use old paint brushes or broom bristles to make whiskers.

  5. Paint the eyes using black and white acrylic paints. First paint an oval shape in white then add the black for the pupil.

  6. Push wire strips into the back of the head; be careful not to push right through the skull. Attach the pipe insulation to the wires to add some stability, but leave a few inches free.

  7. Attach the heads to your dog's collar using the wire. Wrap the wire around the collar and coat with sticky tape. Put one head on each side so your dog's real head is in the middle.

  8. Tip

    The Cerberus costume is also perfect for any Harry Potter themed parties. Fluffy, after all, is J.K. Rowling's version of Cerberus.


    Only use the hot wire cutter for the styrofoam or Polystyrene in a well-ventilated area. Turn off the equipment when you are not using it and keep in a safe place. Only put the wire cutter away when you are certain it is cool. Always unplug and/or remove batteries before storing the cutter away.

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Things You'll Need

  • Styrofoam or Polystyrene
  • Felt
  • Wire
  • Craft foam
  • Acrylic paint
  • Pipe insulation

About the Author

Mark Wollacott began writing professionally in 2009. He has freelanced for "Kansai Time Out" and "Kansai Scene" magazines and he has also worked for Travelocity and the Austin Post, writing about travel, business and technology. Wollacott has a Bachelor of Arts in ancient history and archaeology from the University of Wales.

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