How to Use a Nursing Pillow

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Holding your baby in the proper position is integral to ensuring he can comfortably feed. Holding the baby too low can make it difficult for him to feed and can cause nipple discomfort. However, supporting your baby in your arms as he feeds can cause your arms to tire and your shoulders and back to hurt.

Using a nursing pillow provides a simple solution to both issues. Nursing pillows are designed to help mothers comfortably hold their babies in position while breastfeeding. Using the pillow does not require much effort or preparation.

Position yourself in the location you wish to feed the baby. Choose a location that is comfortable and provides back support such as a chair or bed with pillows placed behind your back.

Place the pillow in the correct position according to its design. Some nursing pillows are U-shaped and designed to wrap around the mother's body; others are simply placed in the lap. Position the pillow under your arms so that both of your elbows can rest on it. This ensures your arms are supported and will prevent them from tiring while holding the baby.

Ask the person assisting you to hand you the baby. Position your baby on his side on the pillow. Place the baby so that his mouth and nose face your nipple without having to turn his head. Bring the baby in toward your breast and allow him to latch on to begin feeding.