How to Paint Calipers Red

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Do you ever find yourself admiring the bright red calipers on a sports car as you sit beside one at an intersection? The brightly coloured calipers on several types of sports car easily catch the eye, but you can create your own red calipers without spending the money on a Porsche or Audi. Painting your brake calipers can be done with specialised paint and can immediately change the look of your vehicle.

Loosen the nuts on one wheel of your car. Jack the car up to lift that wheel off the ground, support the car with a jack stand and remove the wheel.

Add the bottle of reactor to the small tin of caliper paint. Both items are included in a caliper paint kit, which can be bought at any automotive store.

Stir the reactor into the paint with the stir stick provided in the caliper paint kit.

Clean the brake caliper by rubbing it with rubbing alcohol and a rag. If desired, use an actual brake cleaning spray. The goal of this step is to remove dirt, oil and any grime that may be on the caliper prior to painting. Allow the caliper to dry after it is clean.

Paint the brake caliper red with the small paintbrush included in the caliper paint kit. Be careful not to get paint on any other surface around your caliper. If desired, you can remove the caliper prior to painting, but this step makes this project considerably longer. With a steady hand, you can easily paint your brake calipers without removing them from your vehicle.

Apply a second coat of red paint to the caliper once the first coat has dried. If the first coat of paint is thick enough, a second coat may not be necessary.

Put the wheel back onto the hub, tighten the lug nuts, remove the jack stand and lower the vehicle. Torque the lug nuts to the pressure outlined in your vehicle's owner's manual.

Repeat this process on your vehicle's other brake calipers.

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