How to Make Claw Weights for Your Knitting Machine

knitting image by Joanna Redesiuk from

Claw weights may be small, but they are a big help with your knitting projects. When hung from your knitted material, claw weights stretch out the edges to help you get that last stitch or keep the edges from curling in your knitting machine.

Typically, a forklike claw is attached to a weight of a few ounces or more, depending on the size needed for the project. Claw weights are generally inexpensive to buy, but with a few basic supplies, it is simple to make your own.

Using the pliers, bend down the prongs of the fork. Bend the prongs equally, at an angle that will allow the prongs to hook into knitted yarn.

Use the pliers to bend the handle end of the fork in the opposite direction of prongs, so that the fork creates a "Z" shape. You will hang the weight from this end.

Place the bank sinkers on a safety pin. Put enough sinkers on the safety pin to equal at least four ounces of weight or more, depending on the size of the project and the weight you need to properly stretch the knitting edges.

Put the weighted safety pin on the bended handle end of the fork. Hang the "weight" by the prong end from the knitting.