How to Unlock the Stuffed Bunny on "Club Penguin"

boy with computer image by Oleg Berlov from

Acquiring the rare Stuffed Bunny costume in "Club Penguin" is extremely challenging because the "Club Penguin" plush bunny is sold out. The only way to unlock the costume is to enter the code that comes with one of the plush toys. Though this rare toy is sold out from retail stores, a few are available through online auction sites.

Navigate to the "Club Penguin" website.

Click on "Unlock Items Online." A new page will load.

Click on the same icon in the upper-right corner of the new page, and you will go to the login page.

Click the icon that says "I have a code," and you will be prompted to enter your code.

Enter your code. You will be taken to an online catalogue of items you can unlock.

Select the Stuffed Bunny costume.

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